Horse Racing

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One of the most popular and old game of Rome Greek and Byzantine Dynasty was the horse chariot racing.  In the Greek Olympics from 640-650 BC horse racing included both chariot and people mounted on horse, it was very famous in Panhellenic Sports too. This sport was famous and continued for a long time although the chariot racing was risky both for horses and the person mounted on it, they would usually suffer injury and even sometime death. One of the most famous and economic industry in the roman empire was the horse racing game or sports. From such games, betting on horse racing started and it helped people to earn from this renowned sport of horse racing, earlier in order to bet on horse’s people had to go in person and bet on their respective horses.There are a lot of online horse betting sites which help people to bet on horse from the comfort of their house, one such online site is this site is basically from the United Kingdom, where horse racing is really popular and they also have their services all over the world to some specified place.

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