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The website is a game presented by its owner in partnership with Sky Bet. Daily competition takes place for horse run and player needs to select only 7 horses to bet on with the hope they win. This game is a free to play game.

Winning amount after competition

Players in the game can get stunning amount after winning. The amount ranges from Euro1000 to Euro50,000. The winning prize is rolled over to consecutive day on special times when no person wins in the present day. On big events held weekly such as Cheltenham or Royal Ascot, on last day the winning prize ranges from £ 200–250K.  

How to play the game on this platform

You can play this game if your age is 18 or more and currently staying in Channel Island, Isle of Man or UK. Pick brings this amazing game to your drawing room through your laptop device, tablet or mobile. You just need to sign up with website and you can also avail yourself before signing up. Now you are ready to play Pick games by logging in their website.

Press Enter button to start the game, then you need to choose 7 horses to bet on. But while choosing don't forget to take odds, which will be shown to you. Decision may become tough to choose but it is suggested not to pick 3-legged outsider.

Confirming the chosen horses

After you have selected the horses then you will be asked to confirm your picks. By clicking 'Submit Entry' you finalize your picks so be confident before confirming and also make this decision before any race gets started.

There are also possibilities that your picks do not run on that particular race. Then the website will assign you with SP favored and if in case or joint SP favored then assigned favored with lowest race card number.

Judgment on the game

When no one wins then a consolation amount of 1000 Euro when broadcasted and 100 Euro when not broadcasted is given to the top performer. Less than three weeks around 53,000 Euro amounts have been given by the website.

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